Friday, 13 July 2012

Walmart Credit Cards

Is a Walmart Credit Card the Ideal Option for You?

Currently, you can choose from the standard Walmart Credit Card and the Walmart Discover. They share some common features. The interest rate is 22.90 per cent APR. There is no annual fee, but this may be subject to changes so it is important that you check specifically. The same cash advance and balance transfer fees apply. The maximum penalty fee is $35 for both cards.

The most widely advertised perk that comes with both credit card offers is the 5-cent discount that you will receive on every gallon of gasoline that you purchase from the company's gas stations. One important thing to note is that the discount will be available only until the end of this calendar year. It is not clear whether another special reward will be available after this period to replace the existing one. Additionally, you cannot receive the discount with the regular discount card Sam's Club.

With any Walmart credit card, you can receive cash advance when you make a purchase. With the Discover one, you will have to pay a higher interest rate - 25.90 per cent APR. You will be entitled to receiving your FICO score for free on a monthly basis with any of the offers, provided that you enroll in electronic statements online. The other shared perk is that you pay nothing for fraud liability.

There are two additional benefits that you will be able to take advantage of, with the Discover Walmart credit card. You will be able to use it everywhere it is accepted and not only in stores of the chain. You will receive cash back rewards on all purchases as well. The percentage of the reward will depend on the total value of the purchases that you make within one year. For purchases up to $1,500, you will receive 0.25 per cent cash back reward. The reward is 0.5 per cent for purchases between $1,500 and $3,000 and 1 per cent for purchases over $3,000. There are special terms for issuing the rewards that you need to check specifically.

It is important to go over the interest rates, fees, benefits and terms and conditions of each Walmart credit card before you make a choice. In general, it is best to compare more credit card offers so that you can find the one that suits you best. You should definitely include cash back offers and other rewards offers in your comparison, but you may also consider comparing these with regular options as well.

Now you can compare a huge number of credit card offers directly and at no cost at all. You just need to use the appropriate online service. It will present to you a huge number of available options that you will be able to compare directly saving time and effort. This will enable you to decide on a Walmart credit card. For more information please visit

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