Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Easy Approval Store Credit Sards

It's no secret that credit cards in general can get users into financial hot water and that department store cards have higher rates and high temptation value when walking through a well-stocked department store. Kohl's Department stores are known mostly for clothing shopping. They do have up to date styles and competitive prices. Kohl's is one of our family's favorite clothes shopping venues and since we shop with children in tow, we're thankful that Kohl's has a rather small toy section.

Kohl's stores are generally well organized, clean and the store employees, including customer service, in our experience have been helpful and friendly.

The 411 on the Kohl's Department Store Credit Card:

-Easy to apply and easy approval

-It is fairly easy to get approval for even with less than stellar credit. Applications are available in Kohl's stores and can be printed on line but they must be processed in the Kohl's store. For our family, it took just two minutes for approval once we handed over our application.

-High interest rate of 22% fixed but no annual

We've never been charged an annual fee for a Kohl's card but like most all department store cards, the Kohl's card has a higher interest rate than most non-store ones. The rate is fixed. There are no lower teaser rates but on the other hand there have been no increases.

-Easy online access and customer service

You can as you would expect these day access your Kohl's account online after registering online. You can easily review statements or pay your bill. Kohl's customer service can be accessed through the website for general purchase questions or credit card questions. Fortunately, we've had no problems or surprises with our billing

Is a Kohl's Department Store Credit Card a Good Option?

If you are a regular Kohl's shopper, whether in store or online, our recommendation is yes as long as users have the discipline to be savvy and shop within their monthly budget plan.

-Discounts and promotions for opening a credit card account

What makes the Kohl's credit card attractive is the special savings for cardholders that are both immediate and ongoing. Our family got the Kohl's credit card when offered a 20% off today's purchase and a $25.00 gift card to use later.

-More online shopping savings when using your Kohl's credit card

We learned that Kohl's often offers online shopping deals that range from 10 to 30 % off of your purchase for credit card holders. The discounts seem to rise before Christmas. Again, as long as you can shop responsibly and pay your bill on time, you can save money using a Kohl's credit card. There is a 28 to 31 day grace period depending on the days in the month and users paying the Kohl's bill on time consistently, will save money and build credit. We've also noticed that there are in store discounts for card holders that apply even if you don't use credit to pay for the purchase.

The bottom line is that while the interest rate is higher than many non-store cards, there is a grace period so as long as you pay off your bill, or most of it, each month, you will be still saving money with Kohl's credit. The discounts and promotions from Kohl's make having their credit card in your wallet worth it if you are a Kohl's shopper.

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