Saturday, 2 June 2012

Clothing Store Credit Cards

What You Need To Know About Benefits of Clothing Store Credit Cards

As you walk into the store, you can't help but notice the oversized posters advertising the store's credit cards. But, do you really need the store's credit card? More importantly, are there any advantages to adding their card to your wallet? Actually, there are several advantages to owning a clothing store credit card. Whether you're looking to boost your credit or take advantage of special offers, clothing store credit cards can be a wonderful addition to your wallet.

Easy Way to Boost Credit

If you lack credit experience or are trying to rebuild your credit, clothing store credit cards can do wonders for your credit -- if you pay them properly. Because these types of cards can carry a hefty interest rate, it's important to only charge what you can pay off each month or take advantage of special financing terms. Either way, using the card responsibly can do wonders for your credit score.

Special Financing Offers

From time to time, clothing stores will offer special financing terms for their credit card holders. In most cases this involves paying no interest on a certain purchase price for so many months. For example, purchases of $250 may be interest-free for a six-month period. You should only take advantage of these deals if you know you can pay the amount in the given time period. If you don't make the payment, interest rates will be charged on the full amount dating back to the initial purchase date. However, if you can make the payments, this is a great incentive.

Member Discounts and Coupons

One of the best benefits to being a card member is additional savings and special coupons. Not only do many stores offer a discount for opening your account, but you'll often get coupons and special discounts for future purchases. For example, card holders may save an additional 15% off sale prices or you may receive a coupon to save $25 off a purchase of $150. Either way, this can be a great savings that really adds up.

Card Member Sales

Clothing stores are well-known for having awesome sales at the end of each season. If you happen to be a card member, though, chances are you'll get first pick. Clothing stores often set special hours for card members to come shop so that they can take advantage of the sales before anyone else.

Free Services

Another incentive offered to card members is free services. These services might include free tailoring, dry cleaning or other expensive services that regular customers have to pay a pretty penny for. It's important to note that these services are often reserved for members with the highest card level, which is usually earned by spending a certain amount each year.

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